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Hello! Its been a minute since we released music or taken our live show on tour, thats because our energy has been captured, wrapped up and consumed by our second album that we've been cooking up in the studio!

As a songwriting-production duo, we write, record, produce and mix all our songs between the two of us. With the exception of drums (it's the one instrument we can't record, all hail our drum hero Ross Bickerstaff who truly makes the grooves we program even more groovy!)we are a two person team - so when we're making a record it takes all of our attention.

It's been an overwhelming time - we're challenging ourselves, digging deep and it's been a journey. We cant WAIT to share what we're making and get to that next stage of releasing, touring and connecting with all of you - Seeing you all at a show again, singing songs together is what keeps us going when we're really sick of EQing drums!

However, for now, we're in the belly of the beast. Creating, soul searching, gearing up for the next phase. If you really need your Beauty Sleep fix in the meantime, you can listen to our first album 'Be Kind',or our two 'transition' singles (as we've been calling them! 'Go' and 'I Love It Here I Hate It' on the streaming platform of your choice (or check out the music page on this website!)

If you want to support us -just put one of our songs on a playlist, send that playlist to a friend, and enjoy the music, thats why we make it! We do share some behind the scenes of making the album online (mostly instagram and tiktok) and we are playing a few shows here and there, in our hometown of Belfast - so give us a follow on our socials for more up to date info on how the journey is progressing.

But till we finish this next album, we might be a little hot and cold online. So this is just a blog post to let you know that we're busy, we're excited, and we're still dreaming of singing songs with you out on the road - it's coming round the corner, just a little... longer...

Take care, be kind, much love!

Cheylene & Ryan

Beauty Sleep


P.S. if you are an indie label or a booking agent, get in touch, we're looking for you!

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